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Roofing Company of Greenwood

a tile brick roof

High quality roofing services are a very specialized area and one that should be chosen wisely. Your roofing installation is unquestionably the most important feature of any home or building to provide protection to your property. A poor quality or badly installed roof can lead to all sorts of problems throughout your entire home.

Our Roofing Company of Greenwood have both the experience and care to provide you with only the very highest quality of roof installation, roof replacement and roofing repair. All delivered to provide many years of care free knowledge that you home is fully insulated against the elements of nature.

About Us

We have spent several years fully developing our expert roofing services and are extremely proud of the exceptional roofing services that we provide. We are located, live, and work within the great City of Greenwood, IN, and it is our pleasure to provide our fantastic community with all of their roofing, siding, and gutter requirements. Over the past years we have become the leading and most highly trusted roofing company that can be found anywhere in Greenwood, IN. This is a name that we have worked hard to achieve, and we are very proud of the commitment shown by all of our roofing contractors to reach this goal.

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    Our Services

    ​We provide all areas of roofing services to ensure that your home retains the highest level of protection and well maintained good looks. From emergency roof repair for urgent situations, to full roof installation, roof repair, and roof replacement, we provide them all to the highest possible standards. As well as roofing services we have an expert team able to take full care of all of your house siding services. Gutters are also an important feature to remove excess rainwater from your property, we can provide perfect gutter installation, gutter cleaning and gutter repair.

    an under working roof

    Emergency Roof Repair

    Roof damage can occur at any time, typically this will be at the very most inconvenient of moments such as the middle of the night. We know that whenever your roof is damaged by extreme weather it needs to be repaired or protected immediately. Delay can cause immense damage to the inner areas of your home. Our emergency roof repair team are on hand to fully isolate any damage to your roof installation, and to leave your home protected until the storm has passed.

    a group of worker fixing the roof

    Roofing Service

    Our roofing service incorporates all the areas that you would expect from a market leading roofing company. A brand new metal roofing, asphalt shingle roofing or metal shingle roofing, to all styles of tile, slate and natural stone roofing installations can be supplied to meet your needs. An old or damaged roof can also be removed, and a wonderful new roof replacement can be installed to restore a great appearance and exceptional weather protection.

    man installing the plastic wall

    Siding Service

    There are now a vast range of siding installations available in many different styles, all of which can transform the visual aspects of your home into a stunning looking place to live. Energy efficient sidings will also provide increased insulation and warmth to your home, as well as reducing your energy costs. Siding repair is also an important part of all siding services, any damaged siding will undoubtedly impair its effectiveness. We can provide a full and comprehensive siding repair whenever the need arises.

    During the recent storm I could hear a large banging noise from my roof and discovered a large section had become loose. The rain was torrential and clearly was going to cause a problem. I’d heard of you guys and called you straight away. You were with me within 30 minutes and had the roof fully protected within the hour. Unbelievably great service! W.H – Greenwood, IN.

    a man drilling a gutter

    Before purchasing my new home I was aware of the poor condition of the roof and negotiated a heavy discount from the asking price. Your company provided an excellent roof replacement that left me with money from the discount still in the bank. Could not be happier! R.M – Greenwood, IN.

    a carpenter reinstalled the roof

    My house was beginning to look untidy and was very cold during the winter. A friend who had used you before recommended a siding installation. I choose a great looking natural wood effect vinyl siding and my home looks amazing, and now cozy and warm once more. Many thanks, I will also be recommending you! G.R – Greenwood, Indiana.

    a man installing the roof


    An efficient and well maintained gutter will allow for all of the excess rainwater from your roof to be channeled away from your property unobstructed. Damaged or blocked gutters are likely to cause a buildup of water that will often run down your exterior walls or congregate at the base, both can cause damage. We offer a full gutter cleaning, gutter repair and gutter installation service to avoid any problems from arising. Gutter guards can also be fitted to prevent any future blockages.

    a man cleaning the gutter

    Roof Repair

    All styles of roofing can sometimes become past their best and will need a little help along the way. Constant exposure to the outdoors can take its toll. Loose aluminum roofing, steel roofing as well as all other styles of roofing installations will sometimes require a roof repair service. From a simple tile replacement or repair, to hail damage repair. We can restore your roof installation to its former glory and protective qualities.

    a man tuckering the roof

    Roof Inspection

    A roof inspection is a common requirement of many home finance lenders and insurance companies. We are fully licensed and insured to carry out a detailed and officially accepted roofing assessment to establish and detail the full condition of any properties roofing anywhere in Indiana. We will examine the outer and inner functionality of your properties roofing as well as areas such as attic insulation. We can then provide you with information of any sections that may require a roof repair, or give your roof a clean bill of health!

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    Contact Us Today

    Our dedicated team of customer service consultants are ready and waiting to answer all of your roofing and siding enquires. If you are seeking a reputable roofing company to deal with a roofing repair, complete roof replacement or a new roof installation, they have the experience to provide you with the finest of advice. You can use the contact us form, contact us via email, or for the fastest response please use our dedicated telephone number. For all Emergency roof repairs we would always recommend the telephone as the very first choice.